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Tree service and Stump grinding | Arizona
Total Tree Care

Arbor Works is engaged in the total care and maintenance of all types of trees.  Arbor Works employs tree experts to provide professional tree care services for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal client base.

Tree Maintenance Care
Arbor Works is this areas premier tree expert. We have Qualified Tree Workers and on staff hired Certified Arborist. These individuals are able to detect weak inner framework attachment structure, and diagnose tree problems.

Tree Consultations Include:

  • Evaluate tree health, appearance, safety, and risk management
  • Implement preventative routine maintenance practices that can extend the useful life of your trees
  • Implement curative practices
  • Annual pruning assessments and specifications

Pruning methods and practices per ANSI A-300 Specification Industry Standards

  • Crown thinning
  • Crown cleaning
  • Corrective pruning
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown raising
  • Hazard reduction pruning
  • Palm tree maintenance pruning

Tree Assessments

  • Poor root and framework structure
  • Co-dominant stem conditions
  • Palm tree nutrient deficiency common to Arizona climates

Plant Health Care

  • Tree fertilization programs
  • Soil pH adjustments
  • Disease suppression and control
  • Insect suppression and control

Tree Support Systems

  • Attachment limb surgery
  • Cabling and bracing
Cables and braces are used to lessen or prevent storm damage by decreasing the lateral movement of branches and increasing the amount of weight that limbs can hold. Cables are installed in trees to provide support to weak limbs by connecting two or more limbs together.

Tree Protection and Preservation

  • Tree evaluations during building construction
In our years in business we have seen many trees destroyed during building construction. Protecting trees prior to any construction is of the utmost importance and fairly easy to do. Unfortunately this is not usually done. Most people are unaware of the devastating damage construction does to trees. We highly recommend consulting with an experience Arborist prior to any type of construction near your trees to aid in tree preservation.

Tree Removals

  • Arborists can perform tree assessments that will aid in your decision for tree removals
  • Advance tree removal equipment and techniques to safely remove trees

Stump Grinding

  • State of the art grinding capacity to removal any size tree stumps

Arbor Work's Tree Care Service Recommendations

Before you have your trees removed, or worse "topped", call the knowledgeable staff at Arbor Works to see what can be done to save and enhance your trees. There are problems affecting trees that only a trained expert will recognize and be able to treat correctly. Most trees are low maintenance, but they are not non-maintenance. A consultation on tree health may need to be the first step concerning the well being of your trees. Preparing a proper schedule of preventative routine maintenance practices can follow a consultation. You can count on us to preserve the health of your trees, enhance their appearance and vigor, improve safety and reduce your risk of liability that will all aid to protect one of your largest investments that will safe keep and maintain the value of your property.

Annual tree pruning assessments and specifications are highly recommended to schedule various type pruning techniques to remove weakly attached branches and improve tree structure, crown thinning to increase light penetration, and canopy weight reduction to maintain tree safety. Proper tree pruning is one of the keys to the most efficient tree maintenance procedure. Our arborists employ various methods and techniques to prune mature trees. Pruning cuts must be made with an understanding of how the tree will respond to the pruning practices. Improper pruning can cause damage that will continue throughout the life of the tree. Our arborists daily improve their ability to climb large trees without the use of damaging climbing spurs and implement modern tree care practices that will aid in preserving and extending normal life span of your trees.

Tree fertilization programs in a fine tuning key to improve certain essential elements to aid in tree function and grow development. In many cases various urban trees may be growing in soils that do not contain sufficient available nutrients for satisfactory growth and development. It may be necessary to fertilize or adjust the soil pH to increase available nutrients. Through years of experience we have practiced root zone soil injection methods selecting various recommended fertilizers with micronutrients formulated to dissolve in water and injected into the soil. This method provides a good distribution of fertilizer for long term benefits. In addition this system provides highly pressurized water injected into the soil and in most cases aid to relieve soil compaction where the roots are growing.

Safety and Education:

Arbor Works personnel realize that working in and around trees can be a hazardous profession and that safety is the primary concern.
  • Safety is a mental attitude and an ongoing commitment at every level.
  • Safety requires special equipment, proper clothing, and the appropriate gear.
  • Safety is acquired through proper training, and educational tree seminars.

Liability Insurance:

  • Producer: General Southwest Insurance Agency, Inc 5628 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix Arizona 85018, Phone (480) 990-1900
  • Insurer A: Acadia Insurance Company (NAIC #31325)
  • Policy Number: CPA436472111

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

  • SCF of Arizona, www.scfaz,com
  • Policy Number 496641


ISA International Society of Arboriculter
TCIA Total Care Industry Association
West Valley Chamber of Commerce
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